Hi, my name is Sunny Zizmann. I was born in Seychelles and lived part of my life on the beaches of Takamaka. I was found by my new family in February 2017 at Chez Batista, Takamaka.

My dad had met a German-speaking guide on his holiday in Seychelles. With his help, he contacted the SSPCA through Jean Dogley and Jimmy Marie.

It was on their last evening that they were able to catch me. They had been feeding me for a few days and I had begun to trust them.

Up until then, I was surviving on little bits of food scraps and by stealing bananas from the tortoises at Chez Batista. My dad caught me on a Friday and, Saturday morning Jean came and picked me up, on Saturday afternoon dad left Seychelles.

“I was sad and worried about Sunny because I only had a mobile number as a contact. Whatsapp answers took 3weeks. I almost went crazy.” Says Dad.

Finally, communication improved, and procedures were done for me to fly to my new home in Germany. My family had to pay for my blood test and a flight to my new home. In the third week of August 2017, they came to get me. They stayed a week to get me used to them again and then we flew home.

I’m a happy dog with a loving family.

I now have a German Passport and I live a good life in the very south of Germany at Lake Constance. In my heart, I am still a proud Seychellois! And to be honest so are my family. They keep coming back and they keep helping the furry creatures of Seychelles.

I’m grateful for getting a second chance in life. I’m grateful for the people of Seychelles and tourists who work together to improve the lives of Seychelles animals. I’m grateful for the love and care I received from the team at SSPCA.

You can change a life too by adopting a shelter animal.


Sunny the Seychellois German Super Dog

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