We need to ensure that no animals in our care lack medical assistance, food, or a safe place to sleep.
SSPCA believes that all animals deserve the 5 Freedoms:
?Freedom from hunger and thirst
?Freedom from discomfort
?Freedom from pain, injury, and disease
?Freedom to express normal behavior
?Freedom from fear and distress
Surrendered and rescued animals are received at the shelter, given medical treatment (if needed), dewormed, treated for ticks & fleas, and sterilized before rehoming them.
It is our biggest wish that all the shelter animals get adopted but sadly this is not the reality. Many of the shelter animals stay with us for years.
We encourage people to not only look at kittens and puppies when they want to adopt an animal but also consider a senior pet and all the benefits that come with it.
When you make a donation to SSPCA it is used directly to take care of the animals. We have to take care of ALL the essentials like staff salaries, food, and medical supplies amongst others in order to be able to look after the shelter animals.
Sadly with the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of our donations have dried up but we won’t give up hope of achieving our wish.
Please help us by making a donation big or small, every little bit helps.