Pet exercise is important. How do you know if your dog is in prime condition? Ask yourself this, “does my dog get enough exercise?”.

In addition to good eating habits, exercise can do a world of wonders for your fur-baby. Like humans, proper pet nutrition coupled with a pet exercise routine keeps your pet in good condition and can contribute to a long, happy and healthy life.

Did we mention the mental benefits of exercising your dog? Pet exercise is good for their bodies, but it is also essential to maintain good mental health in pets. It decreases boredom, stress and may prevent behavioural issues.

Here are 3 ways you can exercise your dog for free:

1. Jogging: Take your dog to the beach and jog along the seashore; this will help keep you and your doggie in shape.

2. Swimming: If your doggie is a water lover, swim and play with your dog in the water.

3. Play Fetch: Train your dog to play fetch with a stick or a ball. This can be great fun for both of you!

Your dog needs at least 30 min aerobic exercise, like fast walking, running, or swimming per day, to get their heart pumping and blood flowing, plus 15 minutes of interactive play like belly rubs, ball play, hugs, and tackles (larger dogs) for bonding and stimulation.  Remember a bored dog is a problematic dog, and it’s not their fault!

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Keep your animal hydrated by giving them enough freshwater throughout the exercise and play activities, also have freshwater accessible day and night.

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