Your pet may still be drowsy when you pick them up however they should gradually return to full alertness-if you feel your pet’s recovery is prolonged, contact the SSPCA or the Veterinary Services.

Please provide clean and comfortable shelter for your pet to rest. Cats should ideally be kept indoors for 2 days if possible. They should not be allowed any boisterous activity / exercise for 2 weeks following surgery

Discharge Instructions

When you pick up your pet after surgery, make sure you ask for the after-care sheet which will contain up to date instructions.

Here is some general information about after-care following Sterilization surgery however if you have any concerns about your pet’s
health, contact a vet immediately.

Although Sterilization is a commonly performed procedure it is still invasive surgery so your pet requires good after care and monitoring.

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Wound Care

At the Seychelles SPCA, wounds are usually closed using absorbable stitches however please check that this is the case. This means youdo not need to get the stitches removed as they will dissolve naturally. The wound must be kept clean and dry (no baths or exposure to rain ) and checked at least twice daily for signs of infection or irritation (severe redness, swelling, pus, missing stitches, bleeding). If the wound is not healing well please bring your pet to the Veterinary Services.

Do not allow your dog or cat to lick or bite at stitches. If this is not possible, it may be necessary to buy or make a buster collar (a large cone around the head).

Do not apply any ointment/disinfectants or water to the wound unless specifically instructed by a vet.

Male cats will not have stitches but the wounds should be checked frequently.

Pain relief

If you feel that your dog or cat is in pain, please contact the Vet Services for advice. Never give animals human painkillers unless you have had instructions from a vet. Human painkillers can be very dangerous and sometimes fatal when given to dogs and cats.

Contact the vet immediately if your pet is unwell following surgery.


Your pet is likely to have a reduced appetite for a short period after surgery. Small quantities of a bland diet e.g. rice and white fish/boiled chicken can be offered to your pet once they are fully alert. Do not feed milk.

We are very grateful for donations and these help us immensely.