Created over ten years ago, SSPCA’s primarily focuses on rehoming, education and sterilization. With the opening of the new shelter the society is also venturing in boarding homes for pets when their owners are travelling.

“Right now we rely heavily on donations. Providing a boarding facility will help us generate money as we want to be self-funded,” said Marie.

Thirteen kennels will be set aside especially for this service. Fees are still being discussed as there are various issues to take in to consideration such as length of stay and who will be providing the food.

Continuing with previous services, the society takes in unwanted dogs, where they are given medical attention, and given shelter until they are adopted or taken to other shelters. For the time being, the society is sheltering only dogs, but this will be extended for cats later on as the facility expends.

The group also provide the public with a pet sterilization program with the aim of bringing down the number of unwanted puppies and kittens. Most of the time these unwanted pets end up as stray in the street, which is a problem for locals and visitors.